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    Honeymoon In Italy 2015
    2 adults | 9 nights honeymoon accommodations in Italy | We paid 420 Euros, saving us 5,698 Euros off the retail price of 6,118 Euros.
    Maui 2016
    2 adults | flights and accommodations in Maui, HI, flying from Denver, CO | 8 nights | we paid $376, saving $5,275 off the retail price of $5,651.
    Scottsdale 2016
    2 adults | flights, accommodations, rental car, and golf | 8 night stay in Scottsdale, AZ in a suite at the AAA/CAA Five Diamond Fairmont Scottsdale P...
  • dana point
    Laguna Niguel 2017
    2 adults | flights, accommodations, rental car, and golf | 6 night stay in Laguna Niguel, CA in an ocean side deluxe room at the Ritz Carlton | for ap...
  • Lampert Wailea
    Wailea, Maui 2017
    2 adults | flights, accommodations, rental car, and golf | 6 night stay in Wailea, Maui | United Airlines Direct from Denver to Maui | AirBnB and Fair...

Hi! I’m Ben
The Travel Coach

My job is to make your travel life easier, in every way! Watch my 3-minute video and learn how in just 6 steps you can travel the world as my wife and I do. Don’t have three minutes? Cool! Here are the six steps:

  1. Be financially responsible
  2. Know your credit score & improve your credit score
  3. Establish credit in your name and build upon it
  4. Develop a portfolio of currency in the form of points & miles
  5. Use tools that I give you to stay organized
  6. Utilize my travel coaching and “do it for you” services @ $49/hr

I am here to help you navigate travel

Don’t take my word for it. Check out my TRIP REPORTS  and the testimonials below, then let’s collaborate. Schedule your free video chat consultation, take the travel game challenge, or jump right in and commit to working with me. I will EASILY provide you with 10x value ($500) within your first hour AND reduce the stress and anxiety as I love to do the work for you.


  • Natalie L
    "Over the past three years...I've been in awe of what he's been able to accomplish for his family, his friends, and for himself."
  • Sarah M
    Your brother (BenTheTravelCoach) is like a cooler version of The Points Guy! And wow... well, cringe some more when you think about how I've spent FOU...
  • Eliza K
    Ben provides an extremely valuable service to anyone who uses a credit card! That’s most of us, right? In my case, we were already spending money on v...
  • Karen C
  • Bridget J
    Ben is extremely knowledgeable and makes the travel game easy to understand. Ben provides guidance and strategies that equip you to customize this gam...
  • Lindsie B
    Tonight James and I spent 20 mins talking to this guy. In 20 mins we learned we've been throwing money out the window when traveling by not cashing in...
  • Michael M
    Hi, my name is Michael and I am 32 years old and have been fortunate enough to travel to numerous places around the world. Last summer, my fiancé and ...
  • Kendall E
    Hi, my name is Kendall Erskine, and I can’t wait to tell you about how much money Ben saved us on a recent trip. Last year my fiancé and I went to Lak...

Take the Travel Game CHALLENGE

  1. Think about and make a basic plan for your next real or hypothetical trip
  2. Share your plan with me (I may ask a few clarifying questions here)
  3. Sit back and relax
  4. Within a week I will e-mail you with one exact way for you to save money and I’ll tell you how much you will save by making that tweak.

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You deserve to have your travel dreams come true and thankfully, it can happen.

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